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Corporate & Business Services

Clinical Psychology London

If you are looking for group therapy services or psychology support for employees, our clinical psychologists can help.


Employee well-being and mental health are more important now than ever before, as businesses respond to unprecedented change in recent years.

Happy & Healthy Workforce

At Harley Clinical Psychology we have had many years experience of providing consultation and training across a variety of settings and organisations.


We are passionate about helping businesses develop a psychologically healthy and resilient workforce.

Group Therapy & Employee Support

By assessing what your workforce needs in relation to your specific goals (e.g. increase efficiency) we can create a bespoke package for your organisation.


This may involve consultation with particular groups within your workforce, facilitating the development of mental health champions or groups.


Or, specific training on issues such as managing stress and burnout, how to work from home effectively, managing difficult relationships at work etc.


Get in touch today for a free initial discussion so we can see how we can help you and your business.

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