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What happens during the optional initial phone call?

The initial consult call is up to 15 minutes in duration, completely free and takes place with our Clinic Director or one of our Senior Psychologists. It is a chance for you to discuss the specifics around what you need help with. It is helpful for us to know whether you have had therapy before, and what you are looking for in a therapist so we can make sure we can find the right fit of psychologist for you. You can decide at the end of the call whether you want to move forward with an initial session or whether you would like to think it over before making a decision, whatever feels right for you.

What is involved in the initial assessment?

Your psychologist with initially explain confidentiality and check if you have any questions about the Terms & Conditions that were sent to you when the appointment was confirmed. You will then have an opportunity to tell the story of your difficulties, and the problem(s) that brought you to therapy. Your psychologist may ask about the history of the problem and what you do to cope at the moment. It can be helpful to ask about your background history and your current living and working circumstances. By the end of the assessment your psychologist will have an idea about what might be helpful for you to help you move forward, and will discuss this with you so you can make an informed decision about whether you have further sessions or not.

How many sessions will I need?

Length of treatment varies from person to person and depends on the nature of the problem and a client's goals for therapy. The typical range of sessions is between 6 and 20, with some clients needing more than that. Your psychologist will discuss with you how many sessions they think will be needed, but it is useful to review how things are going every few sessions.

Are the sessions confidential?

The sessions are confidential between you and your psychologist, and we follow the HCPC and BPS's standards in relation to confidentiality, managing client data and record keeping. We have a duty of care to disclose any information that puts your safety, or the safety of others, at risk. If concerns about safety do show up in therapy, we will endevour to discuss our concerns with you and work with you to work out what needs to happen next and what support is needed.

How often will sessions take place?

Sessions are usually either weekly or fortnightly initially. Many clients find it useful to have sessions less frequently than this when the therapy is coming to an end. We recognise that therapy can be a considerable investment and we can be flexible according to a client's finances, for example, having monthly sessions.

What if I am unhappy with my therapist, or want to make a complaint?

If you are unhappy with your therapist, we would encourage you in the first instance to talk this through with them. If this is not an option, then please contact our Director or one of our Senior Psychologists.

What are your fees?

Our fees are detailed on our pricing page.

Where can I find information on what you do with my personal information?

Our Privacy Policy can be found here, which outlines what we do with your personal information.

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