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Guides and Worksheets

We are committed to helping people access free, high-quality information about psychological difficulties, concepts and ideas to support mental health and well-being.


Please find below our free downloadable resources written by our Director, Dr Liz White

and our team of Psychologists.


_How To Guide - Manage Your Emotions Ebook.png

This 16-page workbook is packed full of evidence-based strategies to help you cope with and manage painful emotions.

Cope With

The Stress Bucket Worksheet (A4 Document).jpg

This worksheet will help you identify which stressors are currently happening in your life, and what healthy and unhealthy coping strategies are influencing how empty or full your Stress Bucket is. 

Mini Guide
To Anxiety

mini guide to anxiety.jpeg

This mini guide contains 7 pages packed with information on anxiety. By the end of the guide you will know about the different types of anxiety, how to spot it and tips on how to cope with it.

In Relationships

Values in relationships (A4) (2).jpg

A 2 page worksheet to help you identify your relationship values and how to act on them in order to build the relationship you want with your partner

Self Compassion
Break exercise

Self Compassion Break worksheet.png

This worksheet outlines the Self Compassion Break exercise by Kristin Neff. A simple, brief exercise to help you be more kind and compassionate to yourself, especially in difficult times.

Soothing Activities Worksheet

Soothing Activities HCP Worksheet.jpg

Our Soothing Activities worksheet contains lots of ideas for
self-soothing activities 
using your 5 senses.

OCD Traps


Our OCD Traps worksheet contains lots of information about identifying your OCD traps, the effect they have on your symptoms and how to manage them in the long-term.

You can also find lots of useful blog articles written by our Director Dr Liz White covering everything from reassurance seeking in OCD to mindfulness techniques and coping with loneliness.

You can access them all by clicking the button below.

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